6 Spots In Metro Detroit to Relax and De-stress

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6 Spots In Metro Detroit to Relax and De-stress

Moving – especially if it’s due to a life-changing transition – can leave you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. And if you’re feeling this way, trust us, you are not alone! During this time, it’s critically important to find ways to decompress. When you care for yourself, you’re better able to tackle issues and challenges head-on and care for others.


Now, going to yoga or getting a massage might be the most obvious (and also great) go-to options, but we’ve got some other, more unique suggestions for when you want to relax your mind and soul in an unconventional way.


Here are some great places to go to decompress around Metro Detroit.


  1. Wine and Paint Studio. There is no shortage of fun locations that let you grab a glass of wine, put your mind at ease and flex your right brain by painting a picture. An online search for “wine and paint” will help you find the closest spot to you. Think you don’t know how to paint? Aren’t actually creative? No worries! The instructors make it super simple for you to follow along and put your unique spin on a particular image. You can find your zen while working with the paint and then take home your work of art as a reminder the time you took for yourself.


  1. Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio. If you’re looking for less guidance and more freedom to let your creative juices flow, head to a paint-your-own pottery shop. Search online for “pottery painting” and find the location nearest you. At these shops, you can choose from hundreds of pieces of pottery that are just waiting for you to make your own. Grab a friend or settle in solo and bring life to anything from a mug to a decorative plate to a butter dish to a dog bowl. The options are endless! Forget the life stresses while you focus on creating something beautiful, functional and uniquely you.


  1. Rochester Municipal Park. This park in downtown Rochester is a 25-acre oasis in the middle of a bustling city. Walk along Paint Creek and watch the birds, ducks, squirrels and other animals frolic. If you’re short on time, sit along the river with a good book or just focus on the babbling water flowing by. Got a little more time? Grab a blanket or hammock and lounge under the giant trees or stare up at the sky making shapes out of the clouds — remember doing that as a kid? Try it now and see how calm it makes you feel!


  1. Kensington Metropark. If you’re looking for a little more of a getaway feel while staying close to home, take a ride over to Kensington Metropark, which spans Milford, Brighton, and South Lyon. Kensington is one of the most popular parks in Michigan and has 4,486 acres of hills and woods all surrounding the 1,200-acre Kent Lake. You can hike the 8.5 miles around the lake, or picnic along it. You could also bike, swim, golf, disc golf, cross-country ski, fish or boat if you’re looking for something more active. Whatever sounds like it will feed your soul and ease your stress!


  1. Polly Ann Trial. When you want a day of escape, make your way north to the Polly Ann Trail to walk, jog or bike. It’s 34 miles long and has several connections and a variety of terrain and surroundings along the way as it goes through Oakland and Lapeer counties. Among other communities, the trail connects Orion Township, Oxford Township, the Village of Oxford, Addison Township, and the Village of Leonard. You can enjoy nature for an hour or several and can connect to the Paint Creek Trail, Bald Mountain Recreation Area, Macomb Orchard Trail, Clinton River Trail, County Parks, and several recreational and public places.


  1. A Floatation Therapy Spa. Try a new spa treatment with floatation therapy! Floating has gained popularity over the past few years and there are several spots for it in Metro Detroit. Floating is said to help with stress, anxiety, sleep, physical pain and more. All you have to do is climb into a tank of body temperature salt water where you’ll float. There’s no sound and no light as sensory deprivation takes over, and you get into deep relaxation for an hour.


Once you’ve decided how to take some “me” time and de-stress, focus on how to make it last and how you can solve what got you wound up in the first place. If you need help simplifying your move, decluttering your home, or helping a loved one through those things, give us a call at 313-312-9815. The concierge storage and moving options at Binefit Storage and Moving can help keep your stress down during life’s transitions.


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