The Binefit Basics

So what exactly is Binefit?

Binefit is a valet storage company. We offer a specialized storage service that looks a bit different from the traditional self-storage experience in that we pick up and return your belongings back to you! We can store your items big and small, and if you need to use our Binefit bins, they are included in the cost of our services and delivered to you for free.

What areas does Binefit serve?

Currently, we’re serving Detroit’s Tri-County area (Oakland, Wayne, Macomb) without any additional surcharge. If you live in SE Michigan but outside of the Tri-County area, please contact us at info@binefitstorage.com and we will do everything we can to service your needs.

What information will I need to get started?

To get started, choose the amount of storage you want, and if you need bins delivered to you (for free), choose the number of bins desired. Then we’ll just need to know the basics: your address, phone number, appointment date and time, and your credit card information (which is submitted through our secure website, and we never see).

The Binefit Bins (Storage)

How big are the Binefit bins? How will I know how many I need?

Our bins are pretty big – 27″x17″x12″  or 3 cubic feet – and have a 50 lb weight limit. They are durable enough to store almost any packable household item(s) you can think of! It can hold about 15 winter sweaters, about 20 pairs of shoes, about 15 dinnerware sets, or about 30 books (make sure you mix up hardcover and paperback books so the bin won’t be too heavy!). It would take about 4-5 bins for all of your December holiday decorations, and about 2-3 bins to hold all the contents of your bathroom cabinets, for example. We’ve known customers to store sheets and towels, power tools, sports equipment and more in our bins. Don’t hesitate to order more bins than you think you’ll need. You will only ever be charged for what you store with us.

Do I have to use these “Binefit bins?” Can’t I just keep my stuff in my own boxes?

You absolutely can store your own boxes, but, as a best practice, we encourage the use of our bins whenever possible for a number of reasons. First, our bins are made from high grade-high density polyethylene plastic, and they are specifically designed for their strength and durability, so they will protect your stuff much better than traditional cardboard boxes. Additionally, they have ergonomic handles for easy lifting, and their ability to stack cleanly go a long way to help our movers arrange everything for easy retrieval.

What can't I put in the bins?

Items that cannot be stored include anything illegal, stolen or perishable items, which includes but is not limited to: plants; creatures (whether living or dead); food of any kind; flammables; firearms; weapons or explosives of any kind; chemicals, hazardous or toxic materials of any kind; items which emit any kind of odor or fumes; compressed gases; any currencies, bonds or securities; or any item of high value such as jewelry, antiques, fine art, fine wines, any currencies or precious metals.

What about larger items that don’t fit in bins? Can Binefit store those things as well?

Yes, absolutely! Despite our name, we do not only store our bins. We can store your belongings regardless of shape or size. Appliances, furniture, sporting equipment – you name it and we can probably store it!

The Binefit Building

How secure is your storage facility?

V-E-R-Y. The security of your stuff is our #1 priority and our reputation would be mud if we let anything happen to it! Our facility is not open to the public and is monitored 24/7. We’ve got cameras with night vision, alarms, and barred doors and windows. Nothing’s getting past us.

Can I visit my stuff in storage?

With Binefit, you never need to visit a storage unit again because we will deliver back to you whatever you need! Our storage facility is closed to the public, but if you have unique or urgent needs, please contact us at info@binefitstorage.com and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your requests.

Is my stuff protected?

Yes! We are so confident in our security measures and our top-notch staff that we offer insurance for up to $2,000 ($250/bin, box, or item) for no additional charge. Your things are in good hands.

Booking Binefit

Can Binefit pick up my stuff today? Tomorrow?

We typically operate with as little as 24-48 hours notice. If you need us to pick up or deliver your belongings sooner than that, you will not be able to schedule that through your online account. Please email us at info@binefitstorage.com and we will do everything we can to accommodate a faster turnaround. There is a $25 surcharge for pickups or deliveries with less than 24 hours notice.

How to I schedule a storage pickup or return delivery?

You can schedule your pickup and return appointments either via phone at (313) 312-9815, or – preferably – online. Just log in to your account, and schedule an appointment.

Will Binefit wait for me while I pack my bins?

Our movers will wait up to 20 minutes for you while you pack your bins and belongings. If this isn’t enough time, don’t worry! When you order your bins, you can schedule a pickup for up to 7 days later.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

We request a 24-hour notice if you need to reschedule your appointment so that we can accommodate other appointments, but we understand that life happens. You can reschedule your appointment by visiting your account online and simply clicking “reschedule” at the top right of your screen. However, cancellations made with less than 48-hours notice are subject to a $75 cancellation fee. To cancel an appointment, you’ll need to call (313) 312-9815 or email info@binefitstorage.com.

More Questions? Please reach out!