Waving the White Flag: Saying Yes To Help

Waving the White Flag: Saying Yes To Help

As the owner of Binefit, a heart-centered storage company, my entire business philosophy is focused around helping my clients solve their storage challenges so they can clear their space and become better versions of themselves. However, as a wife, mother, and businesswoman (and friend, daughter, sister, and countless other “things” to countless other people), I understand firsthand how often we – because I think this is especially true for women – tend to give and give to everyone and everything else first, resisting the idea that somewhere along the way, we may need a helping hand ourselves. It’s not until our hair is standing on end, the laundry and dishes are piled up to unimaginable heights, and the stress of trying to be everything to everyone forces us to realize that something (or someone!) has to give.

There are so many reasons why we may find it difficult to ask for help. We fear we’ll look weak or incompetent. We fear we’ll be judged. We fear we’ll inconvenience someone. Or we fear it’ll be. done. wrong. (hello! can I get a witness!?) But at the end of the day, asking for and accepting help when we need it is vital to our mental and even physical health, and I’m here to help you embrace this idea. Here are some of the really important things that you gain when you say “yes” to help:


  • You’ll be a better wife/mother/friend/employee/etc. There is a reason why the flight attendants tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. The fact of the matter is you are no good to your family, friends, or coworkers if you are burned out and fatigued. So put on that oxygen mask!


  • You’ll be able to focus on the present. Now that you’ve delegated that thing you really don’t want to do, you can take a few deep breaths and realize that your present life – right here, right now – is pretty freakin’ awesome. You’ll be more mindful of your surroundings and find joy in the present moment.


  • You’ll give yourself permission to separate your identity from your role(s). Some of us – ok, a lot of us – define our amazingness by the roles we play (mother, employee, housekeeper, grocery shopper…) and how well we accomplish the tasks of those roles. Consequently, we think that if we relinquish those tasks to others, *POOF* there goes our amazingness. Do you tie your amazingness as a person to your roles in life? Be honest. If yes, stop it ASAP. You are a 10. Always. No matter if you or Shipt did the grocery shopping this week.


  • ~Cue the clouds parting and the angels singing~ You’ll get time back in your day to do exactly what you want to do! And if you find yourself feeling guilty about that idea, then stop that too. Remember what I said about the oxygen mask? You MUST find the time to reconnect with your soul and recharge your battery so you can be your best self.


Whether it’s seeking out a professional full-service storage company that does all the heavy-lifting for you (shameless plug!) or simply calling in favors from friends and family when you need them, helpers are all around us. My hope is that you can recognize that you are a Superwoman, and no, you don’t need to drive yourself into the ground to prove it. At work or at home, providing for yourself means you’ll better provide for those around you, and that’s a win-win proposition for all.

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