Home Staging Tips to Get Your Home Sold Quickly

Home Staging Tips to Get Your Home Sold Quickly

Selling a house is like fishing. Before you can “reel them in” to buying your home, you need to “bait the hook” by staging your home to look as attractive as possible.

Home staging can mean a lot of things, depending on the house. For some (hypothetical, incredibly lucky, possibly superhuman) people, it might just be a little cleaning up. But if you’re like many of us, it can mean a major overhaul. Furniture, art and personal belongings are rearranged, carefully selected and placed or put away.

Now, you might be thinking: “That sounds like a lot of pointless work. My house looks fine!” And it probably does! But do you want potential buyers walking away from your home thinking, “That was a fine house?” No! You want them to think, “Wow, this is my dream house! I’ve got to have it!”

Here are a few home staging tips to give your house that “wow” factor.

It starts outside. The potential buyer’s first impression of the house is going to be when they pull into your driveway. So make sure it’s a good impression! Take the time to power wash your driveway, clean the exterior of your house, and make your lawn look nice. And don’t forget to have house numbers that are clear and easy to read — nothing will get your potential buyer in a worse mood than getting lost!

Clean the interior, too. You want the inside of your house to look its best. So take the extra time to scrub the walls, shampoo the carpets — whatever you have to do to make your house shine!

Declutter your space. We know, we know. We’ve talked about decluttering before (twice)! But getting rid of clutter is such an important part of home staging. Clutter keeps your house from looking its best and makes it way harder to sell, so take the time to remove anything that isn’t totally necessary to the room. You should also get rid of any furniture and mementos that are too personal — awards, photos, and collections are all things that you should be proud of, but they’ll make it harder for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the space.

… But make it look lived in. The key here is that the potential buyer can imagine the house as theirs, so even though you might have to remove much of what makes the house a home to you, it needs to still look lived in. Once you declutter, add in elements that look appealing. Fresh flowers in a vase on the dining room table, a bowl of fruit, and strategically placed artwork will help your house feel like a home, instead of a museum or a display, without it being obviously your home.

Let there be light! Great lighting is crucial for home staging success! Light will make your house look inviting and warm. So look over every room in your house with a critical eye. Open up those blinds for some natural light, be sure that all of your light bulbs work and are bright, and consider adding lamps in dim corners.

Go with the flow. Rearrange your furniture to direct traffic. This means you should push those couches and chairs away from the walls. Just a bit of physical effort goes a long way, so make a floor plan, grab a friend, and get to work!

You can’t please everyone, but you sure should try! This means sticking to neutral colors as much as possible for walls and furniture. The right neutral colors can help more people picture themselves in the home and keep them focused on the important elements of it.

Once your home is well staged, you’ll probably have a lot of items that should be out of sight for buyers but that you’ll want to keep. Call Binefit Storage and Moving today at 313-312-9815 to learn about our durable storage bins that will keep your items safe from home staging to the move. And if you’ve got items that will stay in storage longer, we’ve got that covered too with our concierge storage service.

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