How It Works

Storing Your Stuff Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore

We make it easier to de-clutter your space so you can get back to doing the things that you love!

The storage process is simple:

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Schedule your bin delivery or storage pick up

Create an account online or give us a call to schedule a storage pick up. If you need bins, just let us know and we’ll drop them off for free!

Pack up, pictures, and descriptions

Pack up your bins and boxes, and don’t forget to upload a picture and descriptions of everything you’re storing with us for your online inventory. Have something that won’t fit in a bin? No problem, we’ll pick up all your storage, large and small!

We store in our dry, secure, temperature-regulated storage facility

The security of your belongings is paramount. Binefit background-screens all of our employees, and our storage warehouse is monitored 24/7. Keeping your items secure is also the reason we are not open to the public, but contact us if you have a unique situation and we’ll try our best to accommodate your needs.

Call or log in and schedule your return delivery

Getting your stuff back is easy! You can request as many or as few of your belongings back as you’d like. Each delivery trip is $25.

Using our bins instead of cardboard boxes? Smart move!

Our Binefit bins are made from strong and sturdy polyethylene plastic, and they can hold about the same amount as two carry-on bags, and up to 50 lbs of your belongings. They are tamper-resistant and nest and stack easily. Best of all, they are included with every storage package, so order as many as you need!


We have a few examples below of what can fit in a bin so that you can gauge how many you might need. If in doubt, order more than you think you’ll need. You’re only ever charged for the bins that you store with us. We also keep bins in our truck, so we can add to your order as needed on the fly!

What Fits in a Binefit Bin?

18-20 sweaters

About 150 pieces of baby clothing

About 40-45 books (be sure to mix hardcover and paperback books!)

12-15 dinnerware sets

12-15 pairs of shoes or boots

20-25 pairs of jeans

Our bins are also great for power tools, or camping gear, or holiday storage, or just about anything else you can think of!

Sometimes your life doesn’t fit neatly in bins

Not a problem! We can store all your stuff, big and small.

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