The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need!

The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need!

As you think about moving, you probably fall into one of two camps: Either you feel like there’s so much to do that you can’t possibly do it all, or you feel like there isn’t that much to do and you can get it all done in the week or two before you move. Whichever option you identify with, we’re glad you’re here! Because the truth is that you can get it all done but yes, there is a lot to do. Fortunately, getting prepared and following through on a great, well-thought-out moving checklist will help you put it all into perspective and cut down on stress pre-move.

Here’s the moving checklist that we love.


8 weeks before move

___ Declutter and have a garage sale if it makes sense. Empty out storage spaces like the basement, garage, attic and shed in the process.

___ Create a mechanism to keep track of moving related documents, using either a paper folder or an online/cloud-based folder (like Google Drive or Dropbox). You’ll want to keep track of moving estimates, receipts, and an inventory list to help you and your movers keep track of everything you’re moving to the new home.

___ Notify you children’s old school of the move and ask the administration to transfer important records to their new school. Also register your children for their new school.

___ Start to use up frozen foods and anything you’d rather not move.


5-7 weeks before the move

____ Contact moving company and establish moving date.

____ Return borrowed items and get back things you’ve loaned out.

____ Submit a Change of Address form to the post office. You can do this online here.

____ Change your address with companies who need it like newspaper and magazine subscriptions, banks and insurance companies.

____ Make a veterinarian appointment for pets if it’s a big move. You want to be sure they’re cleared for travel.

____ Make sure your items will be insured during the move.

____ Clean drapes and comforters so they’re ready to go when you unpack them.


3-4 weeks before the move

____ Buy, collect, or rent environmentally-friendly moving boxes from your moving company or hardware store.

____ Arrange water shutoff.

____ Pack knick-knacks, photos and wall décor.

____ Pack items you keep in storage spaces.

____ Pack books in small boxes.


2 weeks before the move

____ Transfer electricity and gas bills

____ Service your vehicle if you’re moving a long distance.

____ Pack everything that’s non-essential, including: craft supplies, games, DVDs and CDs

____ Pack linens.

____ Set aside anything that should stay with you during the move, such as: clothing, toiletries and medications.

____ Make a plan for moving fragile items like live plants.

____ Plan a menu that gets rid of as much remaining food as possible.

____ Drain fluids from small engines such as: lawnmowers, snow blowers and chain saws.

____ Gather all important documents and note where you pack them.


1 week before the move

____ Pack suitcases of clothing and other personal items you and your family will need during the move.

____ Pack remaining clothes.

____ Pack kitchen items.

____ Pack office supplies.

____ Pack jewelry.

____ Pack toiletries.

____ Pack toys.

____ Confirm the moving date with your moving company.

____ Empty your refrigerator and freezer; clean all appliances.

____ Pack computers and electronics.

____ Close bank accounts if necessary.

____ Plan how you will pay for movers and other expenses during the move.

____ Pack anything that’s left and needs to come with you.

____ Pack a box that will be the last the last to go in the moving truck (or your car) and should be the first to come out.


Moving Day (You’ve made it!)


____ Do a final walk-through of the house; take any remaining items that should go.

____ Check that you have your moving suitcases and valuables that will travel with you.

____ Clean and vacuum empty rooms as necessary.

____ Check all closets and storage areas.

____ Walk through with movers to give any specific instructions.

____ Turn off lights, lock all windows and doors.

____ Shut off the furnace, air conditioner and water heater.

____ Surrender the keys.

____ Make sure you have your purse or wallet, phone and any money you’ll need.

____ Verify that the mover has your new address and contact information.


And there you go! With this moving checklist complete, you are on your way to a smooth move! Want to make it even better? Contact Binefit Moving and Storage at 248-519-2344 today to see how we can help you make the transition painless.

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